Wolfgang Ziegler

Wolfgang Ziegler is a passionate Drupal developer and system architect from Vienna, Austria. He is working as "CEO - Head of development" at drunomics in Vienna.

Wolfgang Ziegler - known as fago in the Drupal community - is working with Drupal since 2005. Since then, he authored a variety of different modules, like Rules, Profile2 and their predecessors. Since Drupal 7, he actively contributes to Drupal core and is maintainer of the Form and Entity subsystems.

Workshop, 09.30 - 12.30
Special Mention: 
Contributions: - Maintenance of the form and entity sub-systems of Drupal 7 and later. - Lead the Drupal 8 Entity API improvements like adding the new Entity Field API and the underlying Typed Data API. - Modules including Entity API, Rules, Field Collection, Profile 2 - Co-founder of the Drupal Austria user group, co-organizer of the Drupalcamp Vienna - I helped organizing Drupalcamp Vienna 2009 & 2013 - Google Summer of Code program as student and mentoring