Morten started working as a webdeveloper 19 years ago, the last 8 years hes been devoted to using Drupal, been stubbernly refusing to accept the status of Drupals frontend. Hes been heavely involved with changing Drupal8's core, to make it an awesome experience for frontenders & keeps beeing loud raising frontend awareness in the world of Drupal. Morten is ex chairman for the Drupal Association (voted twice in as community elected) been co-organizing Community day's at Drupalcon, is a seasoned speaker and still enjoys planning events all over the world. He works as a Drupal Frontend freelancer from copenhagen denmark, where he enjoys the finter things in life: Hopppy beers, loud metal, painting wargame miniatures with his english bulldog, that keeps on eye open from the sofa.

Conference, 12.00 - 13.00