The Best Drupal Practices used at World Food Programme

Conference, 11.10 - 12.10

What if you could setup automated tools in less than 5-minutes that would assist you in producing better, more secure code and help guarantee that you follow Drupal Best Practices? What if I told you were also learning to be an expert Drupal developer in the process?

 In this session you'll get a brief overview of how Drupal is used at WFP, and then learn our approach to development that you can implement today to becoming a better developer. We will also discuss the difference between good and not-so-good code using real-world examples and cover the initial steps of automating your development workflow to save time and money.

You will leave this session with an in-depth understanding of why Drupal Best Practices were established (for good reason) and how you can utilise them to make yourself stand out amongst other Drupal developers.