Another Copernican Revolution: maintenance first, projects second

Conference, 16.30 - 17.30

It's common to develop (or redevelop) Drupal sites with each new major version of core, and spend the intervening time performing only minimal maintenance.

This model often fails to eliminate the technical debt that exists at the project's close—in some cases, it may exacerbate it—and often poorly serves clients' needs for new features or refinements. This problem becomes more serious as changes in Drupal & web technology and practice make it possible for portions of websites' custom code to transcend major versions of core.

This session will discuss the technical problems that arise with this type of development cycle, and suggest how they could be dramatically reduced by inverting the current development practice, and concentrating on continuous development and maintenance. It will also touch on what this implies about project management strategies, and raise the question of how to persuade clients and managers to adopt this new strategy.