European Drupal Days

EUROPEAN DRUPAL DAYS is a 3-day event dedicated to all Drupal community powered by Ibuildings. It will cosist of Conference and Workshops on March 19th and 20th, plus there will be one day code Sprint on March 21st. The event - completely held in English - will take place in Milan - Italy, which definitely is an extraordinary and attractive location for such an event.

The keywords for these days are: Drupal, Know-How, Technology, Best Practices, Security, Networking, Development.



Target Audience

The event taking place over three days will cover all the aspects related to Drupal. The experts of the platform can attend cutting-edge sessions and workshops, that will update them on the latest technological developments. All those who are new to the Drupal platform will have access to complete tutorials for learning the basics, the key concepts and the benefits of using it. Salesmen will have a chance to learn more about the key elements of Drupal success and become familiar with the business network that Drupal has in Europe.


The Venue

The European Drupal Days will be hosted in the Hotel Michelangelo ( located in the center of Milan.

Year 2015 is perfect for visiting Milan also thanks to Expo Milano 2015 (, a non-commercial Universal Exposition with some very unique and innovative features.


Sponsorship Opportunities

The European Drupal Days is a non-profit event with focus on all the aspects of Drupal. 

Ibuildings organizes two main European events every year: The Dutch PHP Conference ( and the European Drupal Days
We provide sponsoring options to support both the European Dutch PHP/Mobile  and the European Drupal Days together or separately. 

To get more information about the sponsorship program, please visit the sponsoring page and download the brochure or contact us directly from the form. Thank you.